Round grow bags 15 x 18 inch

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Excellent design
High load-bearing capacity
Superior finish
Long life nearly 5 – 6 years cost-effective

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Color: Green/Orange
Quality: HDPE, Fabric, 220 GSM✔
Lifetime: 5 to 6 Years✔
Drainage Holes available
UV protected

The HDPE grow bag which we offer are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants Available in different sizes and different density. It can be usable for more than 5 years under constant use while resisting harsh sunlight. Coco–peat, vermi compost or garden soil can be used as growing medium. This grow bag can be used to grown all kind of small root plants for Kitchen/Terrace gardening with light weight and portability these bags can be placed anywhere and occupying very less space. It’s light weight and portability, they can be easily moved anywhere around.

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