Pack Size 100 ML
Form Liquid
Usage/Application Agriculture
Pack Type Plastic Container
Product Type Organic
Brand Mano Bio Products
Application Root Promoter
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Humic Acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peat, coal, many upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid; rather, it is a complex mixture of many different acids containing carboxyl and phenolate groups. So that the mixture behaves functionally as a dibasic acid or, occasionally, as a tribasic acid. Humic acids can form complexes with ions that are commonly found in the environment. Humic and fulvic acids are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture, and less commonly as a human nutritional supplement. As a supplement, fulvic acid is found in a liquid form with colloidal minerals.

Action of humic substances on plant growth:


  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Increases aeration of soils
  • Improves soil workability
  • Helps resist drought
  • Improves seed bed
  • Makes soil more friable or crumbly
  • Reduces soil erosion.


  • Chelates nutrients for uptake by plants
  • Possesses high ion-exchange capacity
  • Increases buffering properties of soils
  • Increases percentage of total nitrogen in soils


  • Accelerates plant cell division and promotes growth
  • Increases germination of seeds and viability
  • Increases root respiration and formation
  • Stimulates growth & proliferation of soil microorganisms
  • Aids in photosynthesis

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