Vermicompost 10kg


Color Black
Usage/Application Agriculture
Pack Type HDPE Bag
Brand Mano Bio Products
Form Powder
Product Type Organic
Packaging Size 25 Kg
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Advantages of Vermicompost Bio Fertilizers – Mano Bio Products:

  • Earthworm compost boosts soil fertility, improving both the biological and physicochemical properties of the organic material.
  • It allows the utilization of essential nutrients from agricultural wastes in growing crops.
  • It aids the use of slow-release fertilizers, particularly its nitrogen content, which after one-third is used, becomes slow-release humic nitrogen.
  • It has a growth-promoting humic substance or phyto-hormone that accelerates root development.
  • It increases and diversifies the microbe phase, reducing pathological and pest incidence.
  • It minimizes nutrient loss as negatively charged organic material maintains and holds nutrients.
  • It produces humic substances (humates) with high buffering capacity for better soil management.
  • Promotes faster growth of plants, increases crop yield.
  • Produces crops with a better taste, and lasting quality, without toxic residues.
  • Improves groundwater recharge and reduces depletion of groundwater.
  • Reduces soil salinization and soil erosion.
  • Lessens pollution, as chemicals are not used.
  • Increases export of agricultural product with lower pesticide residues.
  • Lessens wasteland formation.
Weight 10 kg

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