Terrace Garden Kit Starter


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This is an instant kit and User friendly, Our Special Terrace Garden Kit gives higher yield, increases resistance to pests and diseases. Which contains the following items.

For better yield we are offering 25 kgs of Readymade Potting Mix which is rich in micro nutrient for plant growth and also with two Vegetable grow bags (UV Treated), one mid-size Spinach Grow Bags plus Three Seeds Packet.

Terrace Garden Special Kit includes Eleven Well Rich Manure, Growth Promoter, Pest Controller, Foliar Spray Which is essential for plant growth & resist from diseases, in the form of Powder/Granules/Liquid Form. Garden Gloves and sprayer is also included.

Power Neem – 500g
Sargassum Wightii – 500g
Enriched Vermicompost – 3kg
Boscor -G – 60g
Promin – 25g
Huminol Gold Plus – 50ml
Amino Pass – 20g
Trisul – 100ml
Verticillium – 100ml
Biofis – 25ml
Nimbo + – 25ml
Grow Bags 12×12 – 2
Grow Bags 12×6 – 1
Readymade Pottingmix – 25kg
Gloves with Claws – 1
Manual Spray gun – 1
Seeds – 3 Pkt


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